Study in Canada

As a popular choice for place of study for international students, Canada offers a wide variety of options from universities and colleges to specialized institutions for international students. There is always something for everyone. Not only does Canada offer a high-quality education at affordable fees in an English-speaking country, but also an excellent quality of life, and a pathway to migrate to the country.

Here is some information to help you get started on your journey to study in Canada.

Studying in Canada not only gives you a world class education at an affordable price, but is also a guaranteed pathway to immigrate to Canada. Even though many dream of studying in Canada, some find the entire process intimidating. However there is nothing to worry about, here is how you can pursue your dreams of studying in Canada. Read more.

Requirements to Study in Canada

Just like any country and any institution, you are required to satisfy certain conditions to study in Canada. Some of the requirements are as follows:

  • Admission Requirements stated by the choice of educational institution.

  • Admission to a Designated Learning Institution in Canada.

  • A Study Permit. A study permit is a document that validates your stay in Canada during the course of your study. This is different than a visa, which authorizes entry to Canada.

  • A Study Visa (visitor visa) or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). You require a visa or ETA to enter Canada through any port of entry. This authorizes entry to Canada.

  • Enough funds. You require enough funds to cover your tuition as well as your living expenses during your study period. This can be sponsored by parents or some other relative, loan from a financial institution, scholarship, or savings.